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Terrace Parties: Coveted

You deserve this, and nothing less.

You deserve this, and nothing less.

Give it a try if… You would like this summer to make sense at all.

Steer clear if…  You are only able to socialize when at least 90% of your body is covered.

The upcoming Night of San Juan, Saturday 23 June, is not just the most amazing night of the year in Barcelona (certain fake snobs do not agree, but isn’t it great to celebrate New Year’s Eve again – in shorts?); it is a great opportunity to start practising each summer’s favourite sport, terrace hunting.

Status Bimboes

You have to live in this city to grasp just how essential it is considered to have a – or have access to somebody else’s – private terrace. Bad luck? Either pack your bags, or start looking for your Mr. or Ms. Terrace. Right now. Those people are easy to recognize for that confidence they shed: the confidence of someone who knows – and has – what it takes. Have you spotted one? Approach, then focus: you are to make a shameless, relentless use of both your manifest and hidden charms until they invite you to their terrace. Do not forget: they absolutely must invite you to their terrace. So do not even remotely consider giving up until you get an invitation to their terrace. If they own the whole rooftop, smile harder.

Let us teach you how to sip and smile

Let us teach you how to sip and smile

A Dream Come True

One last breath, and up you go: this was your final step, you have managed to reach that private terrace. How fulfilling, isn’t it? How great it is to know that results do exist. That it is not actually about the process. Give yourself a moment to take in the view – if you can only see rotten factories and dog corpses, there is another terrace out there you might want to hunt for – then take off your high heels, let your hair down and start mingling along. Is it just a cocktail, perhaps a late night rendez-vous? Remember: French-kissing on a private terrace is certainly enthralling, but nothing can compare with the barbecue experience. So until you are able to take part in a full-fledged terrace barbecue, you are not in effect even living here.

Closer to Heaven

How is it going? Have you forgotten your latest excuse for dismissing the here and now? Are you pouring those killer smiles, emphasizing those curves, showing off those foxy moves you rehearsed all winter? And for heaven’s sake, give us the best of you. The hundred per cent of your wit, grace, and flair. That is why you have been carried up here on the wings of this warm summer breeze – so that you could light this summer on, not just strike a feeble match and fade into oblivion. There is no turning back, nor climbing down: this is your time to shine, so make the most of it.

UPS Score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 9 out of 10 + wow!