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Portishead: Compulsory

Cheer up, Beth, You're coming to the beach.

Cheer up, Beth, You're coming to the beach.

Here is another FlashTip with some practical advice for Barcelona residents or visitors. Set your alarm clock: Monday morning, 9 April, 10am. When it rings, stop whatever you are doing; get on the Internet; open this page; pick your favourite date (Saturday 23 June may not be the smartest choice: it is the night of San Juan, which you will hopefully celebrate on one of this city’s gorgeous terraces); buy a ticket for you, and one or more as the perfect gift for someone you love; start to prepare for the most visceral sonic orgasm you are likely to get in 2012.

The Perfect Pitch

Yes, Portishead are coming (back) to town. And what a town: Poble Espanyol, a charming – if slightly corny – location where I had the fortune of seeing my Joanna Newsom‘s umpteenth concert last year. Since I have also seen our British trip-hop pioneers live a few times, I can confirm their gigs are not to be missed. An aural feast of mind-bogglingly sharp, lately even industrial beats intertwined with Beth Gibbons’ gloomy, transcendent vocals, their music will creep up from the soles of your feet and pull you in, then take your breath away as it thumps up to your brain. If you like electronic music at all, there is simply no way you are going to regret it. See you there.

UPS (Utmost Perfection Scale): 10/10 + Standing Ovation