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Club TR3SC: Wise

The 3 Cs: Curious, Cultivated, Cunning.

The 3 Cs: Curious, Cultivated, Cunning.

Give it a try if… You meet culture in Barcelona at least twice a month.

Steer clear if…  Theatre? You would not recognize one if you saw one.

Some of my friends cannot stop sneering as I redeem the latest online voucher or pull out yet another card: “Here, we can get 20% discount on this.” Apparently they do not understand that if one likes movies, concerts and shows but already spends more than one earns, one simply must find a way to stop one’s budget from bearing a grudge on one. As for me, I made some peace by getting a TR3SC card.

Join and Enjoy

Do not be put off by the curiously Catalan-only website: ask a local neighbour to sign you up to the Club TR3SC, if you need to, and you will not regret it. From concerts to movie theaters, art galleries and dance shows, theatre shows, museums, CDs, books, and the opera; showing your TR3SC Card upon payment or entering your data at the appropriate online vendors will often grant you (and your partner, friend or even blind date – as in, save to impress!) a discount that may reach up to 50%, or even 100% in some special cases. You can either choose Basic or TR3SC mode (respectively paying €32 and €50 per year, as of this writing); the latter includes free tickets for a show you may choose in the course of the year out of a decent enough list.



Promises Kept

Eight months after signing up, I can confirm: between permanent discounts at several venues or museums and special offers, the TR3SC card is really some bargain. Courtesy of a couple of concerts at the Auditori (20% off), I needed less than a month for my savings to offset the yearly fee. After such a promising start, I have often been surprised to find so many of the best shows in town offering tickets at 50% off their original prices. Movie theatres make a pretty dismal icing on the cake, sometimes discounting as little as one euro; yet I shall not be the one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Saving Is the New Black

In the end, why pay more? I dare anyone who enjoys art and culture to find a good reason why not to become a part of Club TR3SC (in case you are wondering, by the way, the 3 stands for an E and TRESC stands for “3 Cs”). I would say the only problem with this card is if you also think wallets are so 1987, you need to always remind yourself to carry it with you. On the upside, the frequent newsletters – provided you are not the type who gets easily annoyed – are a great tool to be updated on cultural events. All in all, a real no-brainer.

UPS (Utmost Perfection Scale): 9 out of 10 + wow!

Visit Club Tr3SC – Official Website