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GREC – “L’ànima del bus”: Appraisable

Watch this woman swim, morph, and fly inside a bus

Watch this woman swim, morph, and fly inside a bus

How often have you hopped onto an old, rattling bus and have been carried to another time and place? This is exactly what you will get buying a ticket for L’ànima del bus, one of the 2012 Grec Festival’s most inventive proposals. The itinerant bus departs from a different neighbourhood each week (I got on in Poble Nou on 19 July) and… I am not going to spoil the magic by revealing what happens next. I must admit I did not get part of the spoken text (which is in Catalan), but the show is bursting with ideas, brilliantly executed by actor Jordi Martínez, musician Pep Pascual and dancer Lola López Luna. The unusual proximity with the performers allows you to sense the care and passion that have gone into this bizarre play, which gently welcomes you on board, then makes you laugh, suddenly punches you in the guts, and takes you back to the starting point as if it had just been a dream. Hope you will enjoy the trip as much as I did.

UPS Score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 8 out of 10.