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DelaCrem: Addictive

Eat me

Eat me

Give it a try if… You see ice cream as a poem, and the ice cream master as an artist.

Steer clear if… You are already concerned about next summer’s bikini test.

I am not one of those narrow-minded nationalists who say things like, “Italian ice cream is the best in the world”. All I am saying is that there is no other country in the world where you can eat such good ice cream. Simple as that. Now that the context is clear, let me tell you a secret: never joke with an Italian guy about ice cream (or food in general, for that matter). Like hanging up a sign that goes “Gelateria Italiana” when you are selling an industrial blend of obscure chemicals that mostly taste like sour milk and chewing gum. Luckily there is an (Italian…) ice cream shop in Barcelona where the topic is taken seriously.

Something Well Done

Massimo is clearly a perfectionist. Just see how he has surprisingly chosen to present DelaCrem through a video, coproduced by

Doesn’t this say a lot about an ice cream master’s life? The creativity, the loneliness. The routine, the slow pace, the silence. The motivation. The pleasure of something well done. All things that might seem naively outdated in today’s Farggi world, yet each of them is reflected in the ice creams I have found in this neat little shop near Plaça Universitat.

And God said, "Let there be chocolate"

And God said, "Let there be chocolate"

Come to Your Senses

I have quickly grown addicted to this place. One cup led to another as I approved the classics one by one and discovered the innovative flavours – until I started to buy a whole takeaway tub and bang, I was hooked. No wonder: the pistachio is one of the best I have ever eaten. (And I have eaten, like, a lot.) The dark cocoa is simply irresistible. The banana achieves the tough feat of tasting both luscious and healthy. Nossignori, ain’t no one scratching this monkey off my back.

Come, sweetie. We need to talk.

Come, sweetie. We need to talk.

David vs. Goliath

The key of Delacrem’s growing success is that you feel you are eating something real. Something that someone actually made with care, and now feels both proud and honoured to share with you. When I told him I had never eaten such a good gelato in Barcelona, Massimo told me he was inspired by Grom, the supposedly coolest ice cream retailer in Italy. Since then I have had the chance to sample their products, and frankly I think they would have a humbling lesson to learn from DelaCrem instead. Like how to make an ice cream that may not save the world, but is guaranteed to save my day.

Delacrem: C. Enric Granados 15 (Eixample Izquierdo) BCN +34 93 124 665 – official blog

UPS Score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 8+/10 + wow!