En Ville: Ordinary

Looks: good. Tastes: bad.

Looks: good. Tastes: bad.

My first FlashTip – a new class of pocket-sized tips for whatever does not need, or deserve, a full post – is dedicated to En Ville, a French-Catalan fusion restaurant situated in the Raval (near MACBA).

No, no, and no

Although I would not call it one of Barcelona’s most beautiful restaurants – as La Vanguardia apparently did – the place is cute indeed. But the food? P-leeease. I understand it would be too snobbish to stigmatize microwave use in today’s restaurants, but if you really have to resort to it, could you at least read the manual? Besides: my handmade pasta, albeit creatively dressed, was badly made and badly cooked; the fish&chips-style cod was hard as a brick and tasted like shoe polish; the tarte tatin sported wilted puff pastry in the place of shortcrust; the service was so quick that my friend and I needed a post-dinner anxiety-management therapy session. Just another of too many fake-gourmet restaurants in this city which may look artsy and nice, but simply put their pots and pans in the wrong hands – and what is worse, do not have the means to realize it. I will not be back.

UPS Score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 4/10


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