PostTip: Music for Skiing Alone

The sound of silence, and beyond.

The sound of silence, and beyond.

As a PostTip to Skiing Alone: Underacknowledged, I shall provide an in-depth look at the topic of music (with a few suggested albums to try out).

Laymen Logic

Several of the people who seem to reject the idea of solo skiing say they find it boring. I guess (a) they have never tried listening to music on the slopes, or (b) they belong to the ill-starred subset of the human race that, when asked “What kind of music are you into?”, replies with the infamous “Anything that’s on the radio” or even the execrable “A little bit of everything” (Choir: NEXT!).

No, Seriously

If (b) is the case: So sorry, I cannot help. After repeated attempts, I have given up such subset altogether and adopted a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Not a snowball’s chance to convert them; pigs might ski before these people open up to the pleasure of organized sound. If (a) is the case instead, let me clarify that:

  1. Skiing with music doesn’t have to be dangerous; if you do it alone you will tend to avoid crowded areas anyway, and otherwise, any mp3 player comes with a state-of-the-art gadget called “volume control” nowadays.
  2. It is more than a fine experience; it is a non-negotiable requirement for the completion of tipsology’s Certified Solo Skier Training Program (see Level 4 – Get in Tune in the aforementioned post).
  3. Its learning outcomes largely depend on the choice of music; shallow shuffling is simply not an option.
Not exactly what I had in mind

Not exactly what I had in mind

Choose Life

Now, regarding the last point. Since the choice of the perfect album to ski with depends on multiple variables, versatility is definitely a plus. Pick whatever might be suited to the “here and now”, with a grain of salt: while Madonna’s latest single might be a perfect companion to dish-washing or, uhm, flossing, it will hardly get you in tune with anything other than her bank account. Rather, here are some suggestions. Ride and shine!


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