Onofre: Noteworthy

"Welcome. Please leave your diet ambitions out the door."

"Welcome. Please leave your diet ambitions out the door."

Give it a try if… You wish to impress visitors of taste or to discover something new about tapas.

Steer clear if… You are neither hungry nor inspired about food.

The Darwinian battle for survival has begun quite some time ago among Barcelona’s countless places to eat. I say, only the best shall survive. To hell with yesterday’s paella and microwaved patatas bravas. Now, here is a safe bet for endurance: Onofre.

Not All That Does Not Glitter…

This is one of those places where I probably would never had eaten if a friend of mine had not dragged me there with a good excuse. Hidden in a sideway road, though very much in the historic center, from the outside it looks like too many other tapas bars – perhaps a bit more posh, but equally frozen in time in some ways, as if Justin Timberlake, botox or even the Internet hadn’t quite happened yet. The owners look hurried but competent, and the menu inspires a certain willingness to indulge.

Smells good... Tastes even better.

Smells good... Tastes even better.

How to Win a New Customer

During this dinner I’ve had the opportunity to try a really memorable octopus timbal. Quite simply, don’t miss it and don’t even think of sharing it: one each, and proud of it. The foie micuit was also compelling, nor did the artichoke salad disappoint. The service was professional and polite; the environment, quiet enough to have a nice chat along with the lovely food. I can’t wait to be back. Onofre is also a gourmet and wine shop which is probably worth a visit. Without forgetting to stop by at its tables.

UPS score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 8/10 + wow!

Onofre:  Carrer de les Magdalenes, 19 (Gótico), BCN +34 93 317 69 37 – website


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