Il Vecchio Porto: Authentic

Nice, huh? Wait till you see the pizzaiolo, girls!

Nice, huh? Wait till you see the pizzaiolo, girls!

Give it a try if… You could kill if they brought you another plate of patatas bravas.

Steer clear if… You are a shameless buyer of Casa Taradellas precooked “pizzas”.

Let me say it nice and clear: I don’t just bloody “Like” pizza, I couldn’t live without it. Literally. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for the best one in town – and when I find it, I will promote it enthusiastically as if I were its advertising agency. So here is a true gem in the otherwise wretched neighbourhood of Barceloneta: Il Vecchio Porto (formerly known as Oblò), a 100% genuine Italian pizzeria – that is, my new best friend.

From Good to Great

As much as Italian restaurants in Barcelona are quite disappointing – despite a couple of notable exceptions – it’s not too difficult to find a decent pizza. (If you don’t believe me, try living in Berlin for some time; I guarantee you’ll end up missing Telepizza’s home delivery, which says a lot). In my opinion, though, Il Vecchio Porto’s pizza is in a league of its own – definitely worth trying, even if you don’t live in the area. From the taste, thickness and crispness of the dough to the generous topping, from the cooking point to the quality of cheese, the final result is a feast of subtleties which will delight the most demanding palate (that is, mine).

Cool and yummi

Cool and yummi

To Pizza and Beyond

All of this in a pleasant environment (the place has just been renovated), with typical Italian service – meaning that waiters smile and ask you how you’re doing, instead of grumbling along and throwing dishes on your table as if it were a trash can. There is also a whole menu of Italian dishes, but I have not tried them yet – apart from the delicious “Melanzane alla parmigiana” – because the pizza is just too good to skip (just in case the point had not come across). Buon appetito!

UPS score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 8/10 + wow!

Il Vecchio Porto: Carrer de l’Escar, 10 (Barceloneta), BCN +34 932 21 75 10 – website


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  1. Thank you , My favourtie one is Fratelli La Bufala
    Check ths out ( It is in French but wyou can translate it with Google) :

  2. Thanks Elisa, I haven’t tried Fratelli La Bufala yet, but now I surely will 🙂