“The Adventures of Tintin”: Satisfying

"Mr. Spielberg, I told you that Belgium was this other way!"

"Mr. Spielberg, I told you that Belgium was this other way!"

Give it a try if… You feel like unleashing your inner child on a 3D rollercoaster ride.

Steer clear if… You stopped dreaming in 1993.

Yes, I do like (good) animation movies. You’ve got a problem with that? Well, sue me! Despite all the fanfare, though, I wasn’t too motivated to watch this one. I mean, come on… Steven Spielberg + Peter Jackson + a celebrated retro European comic = fake commercial winner, right? Well, in the end I saw it and I have to admit it’s pretty good stuff.


I won’t dwell on the complexities of the Tintin franchise and the faithfulness of this new incarnation; personally I loved Tintin cartoons as a kid, but I did not expect this movie to fully grasp their flavour. In fact it doesn’t, despite trying its best, but does it really matter? “The Adventures of Tintin” is a lot of fun anyway. It gave me a couple of hours of solid, inventive entertainment; it made me run, jump, swim and fly in an unusual range of landscapes; last but not least, despite being directed by Spielberg, it spared me the usual politically correct crap – you know, those group scenes with the Asian kid, the black kid, the disabled kid… What more could you ask?

"Just try my plastic surgeon, Captain... He's a miracle worker"

"Just try my plastic surgeon, Captain... He's a miracle worker"

Spooky Movie?

The movie was obviously made with great care for each detail, and it shows – just watch the sea waves or the amazing scenes in the fictitious Moroccan city of Bhaggar. The level reached by animation is almost spooky; the use of real actors during the filming process makes characters even more alive. In this sense, Tintin himself was my only reason for disappointment. I am aware Herge’s creature was considered a bit “neutral” in the first place; but compared to the amazing vitality of, say, Captain Haddock, Tintin’s overwaxed expression makes you think, “Isn’t he a bit too young for botox?” I hope they’ll de-Kidman him for the sequels… Which I’ll be glad to watch.

UPS score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 7.5/10


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