Fink: Arousing

"Hmmm... Will it be the brunette in the first row, or that redhead up above tonight?"

"Hmmm... Will it be the brunette in the first row, or that redhead up above tonight?"

Give it a try if… You honestly wouldn’t file Lady Gaga under “cool”.

Steer clear if… You’re not really into sex, or haven’t had it in a long while.

Fink has been a close friend of mine since 2006 – so close that I’ve invited him to witness, through his laid-back and mellow tunes, about 70% of my sexual life. Ok now, stop frowning and check him out; you might want to join the club.

Little Gems

Mr. Greenall has published five albums so far – his latest, “Perfect Darkness”, is brand new – and each of them is a little gem in its own right, thanks to an infectious mix of blues, folk, a touch of trip-hop and general lusciousness. I had heard he is quite good live, so when I got to know he was playing in Barcelona’s Music Hall (a small new venue near Plaza Cataluña) I had no doubts I should go… And boy, did I make the right choice!

It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Since Fink came on stage and started playing the first notes – accompanied by his drummer and bass player, with a sober and stylish web of classic JJ table lamps on the background – it was clear that we were in for something special. He is a real musician, not an MTV puppet, and his tunes sound just as good – or even better – in a live setting. Their slow pace pulls you in and starts flowing through your veins like liquid fire, while Fink marks the accents with his unmistakable voice and delivers pure guitar pleasure.

(Don’t) Jump

From older favourites such as “Trouble’s What You’re In” or “Pretty Little Thing” to new tracks like “Perfect Darkness” or “Berlin Sunrise”, I found myself spellbound while my body was moving to yet another gorgeous groove. Fink’s style can be defined as uniform, but I never find it repetitive. It’s all a matter of letting yourself go to the rhythm… Not too much, though! Otherwise you’re likely to jump on the closest thing in the room (including plastic chairs and ashtrays). During the gig, the audience clearly embraced the proposal: it cheered the band in a grateful crescendo, giving Fink the recognition he deserves. Will you?

UPS score (Utmost Perfection Scale): 8.5/10 + wow!


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